TraumaLive – February 2023

TraumaLive -Immersive TraumaLive Experience​

Experience how medics manage major trauma cases and life-threatening emergencies during this interactive virtual course.

For students aged 14+ looking to learn about a career in Healthcare.

Delivered live online by practising doctors.

The course includes :

  1. An insight into the training trauma medics undertake
  2. A day in the life of a trauma medic and trauma surgeon
  3. Learn how to do surgical hand ties in a live demo
  4. Live virtual operations in a virtual operating theatre. Follow along as we go step by step on how life-saving trauma operations are carried out​

The course will be live on Saturday, 18th February 2023, from 10 am BST to 3 PM GMT and available to re-watch on demand. Certificates will be provided for all attendees to count towards virtual work experience.